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Meet the staff - you can use these pages to get familiar with the auditor you will be working with, verify the person visiting you is authorized to perform the annual audit, and just get to know the staff a little better. We stress the importance or people working with people to achieve excellent outcomes people make the difference!

  • Kathy Parker MAIL TEL
    Premium Audit Specialist

    Commercial Insurance career began St. Paul Fire & Marine File dept. In 1981 I took a position with CG Aetna in the processing unit, later in Underwriting and handled commercial for agents in Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

    Working with Vista Resources as premium audit specialist handling Mail and Telephone audits throughout the USA Lifelong resident of various suburbs near O'Hare Airport, Chicago, Il. I have been married for 20 years and have 2 sons, 1 daughter and a Golden Retriever. I have been a Girl Scout Leader and PTA President (twice because once wasn't lesson enough).  

    Enjoy playing golf but don't have much time to play, many different types of crafts, enjoy mowing the grass because I like the smell, and enjoy watching my children perform in concerts and sports.  

    I am normally in the office and ready for your call! 

    847-451-9118 voice 

    847-342-7501 fax

  • Stephen Holder
    IL IA WI

    Steve Holder has over 30 years of carrier experience with a Midwest based insurance carrier. Steve's customer service helps him appreciate the VISTA culture which encourages communication with the policyholder to create true efficiency by eliminating misunderstandings and disputes. Steve began his career performing statutory accounting for his carrier employer and later moved up to field audit services. Steve enjoys working with policyholders in Eastern Iowa, Western Illinois, and Southwest Wisconsin. (815) 821-3671

  • Lori Johnson

    Lori Johnson has worked in premium audit with 2 midwestern carriers and has an eye for detail that helps her do the best job possible for the people she works with.  Lori has worked on all size accounts in her career and especially enjoys the challenges of correct classifications.

    Lori lives in a suburb northwest of Chicago and works in Northenr Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

    She is looking forward to working with you !

    (815) 238-8050


  • Milisa Flekier
    MO KS

    Began working as a Casualty Claims Representative and later switched to w/c Claims in 1993 until 1996 when I switched to be a premium auditor. I have been working in the premium audit industry with Cigna, AIG and now Vista since 1996.

    I took some time off in between to have a few children, Jacob , Abby  and Andrew. Now I work part time in Kansas and Missouri and take care of my kids the rest of the time. My husband Steve and our three children live in Overland Park, KS.

    Best time to call is in the morning + I check email every day!
    913-568-2559 cell
    847.342.7501 fax

  • Pete Register

    Pete received a bachelor of arts degree from Winona State University majoring in psychology. He has worked at Vista Resources for 4 years as a premium auditor in Minnesota and Iowa. Prior to joining Vista he worked as a premium auditor for a Minnesota based auditing company. Previous jobs include a mental health practitioner, a pea-harvester, and a bag boy at a grocery store.

    Pete has played guitar for 25+ years. Other hobbies include reading, home-brewing, and attending music festivals. He lives in Chaska, MN and has a cat named Chester.
    715-559-1482 Cell
    847.342.7501 fax

  • Robert Frenzer Watch Video
    President AZ CO

    President of VISTA Resources and directs the overall operations to ensure VISTA people are as helpful as possible.  Bob works with select carriers on process improvement projects and planning virtual staff additions for their books of business. 

     Prior to VISTA was Director of premium audit for SECURA insurance and Regional manager of premium audit for CIGNA / INA insurance.

    Lives in Arlington Heights with his family and enjoys jogging, golfing, occasional meetings of the bourbon club, and puttering around the house.
    847.398.1172 voice
    847.342.7501 fax

  • Earl Register

    Earl majored in Business Administration and U.W. Whitewater. Earl has worked for Vista Resources for 4 years as a field auditor. Earl has worked in the insurance industry , for over 25 years as a marketing rep for an insurance company and later as a field auditor. Earl enjoys meeting and working with policyholders, and attempts to make the audit a “stress free” experience.

    Earl loves to play golf and laments the short season in Northern Wisconsin.

  • Mark Sharp

    Mark lives in Western Michigan with his wife Mary and enjoys outdoor activities including fishing with relatives and tubing with his children. Mark received his CPCU in 1995 Mark has extensive experience with over 25 years as an underwriter in both a company and agency role at different times and as a premium auditor for a Michigan based insurance carrier. Mark enjoys accurate analysis and has excellent command of the workers compensation and ISO manuals. Mark understands the need to communicate effectively and explains the results of his audits in detail before leaving the insured.

  • Heidi Gotway
    St Louis

    Sometimes insured's need help with payroll records-gathering them, knowing which ones are important, etc and illustrations or sometimes just concrete explanations help. If it is my second year at an audit I try to remember what they had going on last year personally--a new baby, a grandchild that they mentioned etc. It brings a human aspect to the meeting. What scares people is a potential large bill! If it does look like they are going to owe a lot it is helpful to explain which class codes and which employees they have underestimated on.