"We have our choice among many premium audit providers, and choose to use VISTA."


"While VISTA is technically an independent audit service, they approach business differently. The field audit staff has a carrier auditor mentality and treats each customer with respect and professionalism..."

Premium Audit Manager

"We appreciate the work you have done for us at a fair price"


"I highly recommend Bob Frenzer and VISTA Resources to perform Premium Audit services."


"..The Insured said he was the best auditor she had dealt with... she was up at night thinking it was going to be a nightmare because in past years she had some bad experiences. She was very pleased with VISTA"


"You guys are great to work with, I never worry about the audits you conduct"

Commercial agent

"Thanks for the fast response, Bob! You always are on the ball and on top of things."

Commercial agent

"In over 20 years …No one has ever explained the audit so well"

Commercial policyholder