Vista Virtual Staff Concept

Our Mission is to promote unity among carriers, policyholders, and agents by facilitating accurate information transfer from policyholder to carrier while serving the unique individual needs of each policyholder.

Virtual staff do not just analyze and report, they assist the insurance process by providing staff that are familiar with the insurance company philosophy and practices. This is a very efficient business model, offers the best opportunity for excellent customer service, and is very important to our mission of encouraging unity among all the participants in the insuring process. Insurance carriers, agents, and policyholders need a clear understanding of each other’s situations to have a smooth stable insurance process, and virtual staff help to promote that understanding.

Insurance companies that are dedicated to their agents and policyholders and always strive to be as fair as possible use “virtual staff” auditors. These select companies put their policyholders first and insist on top service as a way to maintain a competitive advantage. Working with such positive customer focused companies creates a culture that helps “virtual staff” auditors build long term relationships and address any questions that arise quickly and efficiently. It is wonderful to have the top priority be to “do the right thing” for all participants in the insurance process and that also create a great service opportunity for policyholders.

Virtual audit managers advise on management and work flow questions, systems enhancements and provide many transaction level services. The managers understand how Insurance companies operate and communicate in manner carriers, policyholders, and producers appreciate.

The key to success is focus on the success of the clients. Auditors serve a few select clients and have their "skin in the game" for their clients’ success. Virtual staff succeed only when clients succeed, thus managers and staff spend every day with your needs in mind. You enjoy the same focus that full time employees would provide and enjoy the financial benefits of a shared employee business model.

Employers can use their “virtual staff” auditor to assist in their audit needs. Employers can benefit significantly by having a specialist for premium audit become part of their team. The premium auditor knows the key people in systems, human resources, systems, accounting, payroll, and risk management and can design a process that is the same every year. This is a huge benefit to the busy employer over the current process which often “reinvents the wheel” every year with a new auditor asking for different things and trying to determine who to work with to accomplish the audit. The improved efficiency of this approach helps the insurance company also because regardless of whom the insurer is they receive a timely, industry standard format for processing saving them the challenge of “reinventing the wheel”.

Brokers and agents utilize “virtual staff” to assist in servicing their captive clients and for any clients who demand top quality service. Virtual staff auditors become familiar with clients and provide a sense of security that is unparalleled.

The auditor becomes a “Virtual” part of the teams for insurance carriers, agents, and policyholders and gets to know the people they work with. Policyholders especially appreciate having the same easy to work with auditor every year who explains the audit and spends extra time to explain any outcomes of the audit that are unusual or create a possible issue.