1. A list of all the employees that worked during the policy period, whether they are currently active or not.  The list should include the type of work the employee does and the gross wages paid to the employee during the policy period.  If employees make overtime wages, the overtime wages should be included in the Gross wages, and listed separately.  Any reimbursed expenses that are paid through payroll should also be listed separately  If employees make tips, the list should also indicate the tipped amount.  If anyone was paid severance pay, that should be listed too.  Payroll reports are often used as they provide the data needed, but we still need to know the duties so if a payroll report is provided, we would still need an indication of what the employees are doing.
  2. We need the four 941 quarterly reports and/or the 4 State UC reports for the quarters included in your policy period.  We use this to verify the payroll information provided.  If you are a farm and don’t file 941s but do file the 943, the 943 for the year is great.
  3. We need a description of the business.  What the business does, what regions / areas it works in, who the customers are (general public, are you supplying retailers, commercial or residential, etc). 
  4. We need a list of the principals (owners, officers, LLC members, etc).  We need to know whether they are active in the business, what their duties are, what their wages were during the period, etc.
  5. Sales / Receipts.  We need something indicating the sales / receipts / revenues for the policy period.  This can be a profit & loss report, an income statement, something from the general ledger, a sales report, etc.
  6. If you use cash / casual workers, we need a list of the workers, their duties, and how much they made during the policy period.  If they have their own WC/GL insurance, we need copies of the certificates of insurance to prove they have their own insurance coverage.
  7. If you use temp / labor services, we need the names of the workers, duties, wages, etc. and a copy of the temp service’s WC certificate to prove they have their own insurance.
  8. If you use subcontractors, we need a list of the subcontractors used.  We need the amount paid to the subcontractors and copies of their WC / GL certificates of insurance.  If you provide materials to the subs, we also need to know the cost of the materials provided to the subcontractors.